Post breast augmentation tips that you should know

Post breast augmentation tips that you should know post thumbnail image

When you get breast implants, you need to take care of the post-op things as well in order to get the results right. The biggest mistake that people make after breast implants is that they do not take care of the things that their surgeon tells, and as a result when they do not see the desired results, they blame their surgeon. If you are interested in getting the right results, you should know the post breast augmentation tips, and should follow those in order to enjoy amazing results. Dr Leonard Hochstein is a renowned surgeon of plastic surgery, and has a vast experience in doing breast implants, especially for the celebrities. He always guides his patients on how to get things done in the right way after they are operated, and implants are implanted. He also suggests that you must listen to the tips that your doctor tells you otherwise you will never enjoy the real results! In this article, we will talk about the tips and tricks that you should know as a breast implant patient.

Tips and tricks
After getting the implants, you should take care of the wounds and make sure that you are doing all the right things in order to get things right. You should understand that your daily routine and things will not remain the same, at least for few weeks. Following are the tips and tricks that you should know before you start your regular routine after getting the implants.

• You should keep the wounds dry and should not take detailed baths for at least two weeks It is better to take sponge baths for this time period.
• During the recovery phase, you should not wear underwire bras, and should try wearing surgical bras only.
• You should not life weight over five pounds unless your doctor gives you a go-ahead.

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